Welcome visitor!  This private website has some of my travel photos and some more recent work samples.

It's a technology playground used to test frontend and backend technologies. It also proved itself usefull as place for my memories where I am total control of what I publish or not.

I have seen many technolgies in the web come and go - Flash was one of them. Currently this website is build with Symfony 4 and Google AMP. It's running on an AWS micro instance with PHP7.3 and a nginx reverse proxy in front of PHP-FPM. Cloudflare acts as an DNS provider and provides me with SSL and asset caching. 

If am not working or playing with new technologies you can find me skiing on the slopes of the Swiss Alps or trekking in some beautiful part of this world.


From Calgary to Kelowna and back
Digitec / Galaxus - Auto-Complete Search
Holidays in Croatia 2019
Göscheneralp Camping 2019
Camping Klöntal 2019
Tokyo, Teamlab borderless, Niseko and Sapporo
Digitec / Galaxus Search - Azure Cloud Microservice
Sardinia (Olbia, Bosa Beaches)
Boom Festival 2018
Nepal Khopra Danda trek 2018

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