Welcome to my holiday photo gallery. I love exploring Southeast Asia and its diverse cultures, cuisines and landscapes. Some of the countries I have visited include Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. I enjoy traveling spontaneously and meeting new people along the way. To see my photos, just click on the map markers. You can also move the map around with your mouse to reveal more markers.

  • 2023

  • Sizilien 2023

    Sicilian Splendors in Autumn 2023: Palermo, Valle dei Templi, Siculiana Beaches, Zingaro Nature Reserve, and Erice
  • Bike weekend in the black forrest.

    Gravel bike trip to the Black Forest that included visits to Schluchsee, Feldberg, and St. Blasien, an overnight stay in a small hotel close to the Feldberg.
  • 2022

  • Spain and Portugal Summer Road Trip

    We traveled for two weeks across Spain and Portugal, visiting medieval towns, picturesque villages, beach resorts, nature parks and historic cities and enjoyed the diverse landscapes, cultures and attractions of both countries.
  • Boom festival 2022

    Boom Festival is a biennial Psychedelic Music festival held at the idyllic lake-side location of Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal that celebrates art, music, culture, and sustainable living.
  • Lava lamps

    My collection of various lava lamps I owned or still own. Enjoy
  • 2021

  • Crete 2021

    A week holiday in october. Catching up with some sun after the long rainy summer in Switzerland.
  • Portugal 2021 - Aveiro, Porto

    We traveled for two weeks in northern Portugal with a rental car in the summer of 2021. We visited Porto, the border castles, the Douro Valley, São Martinho do Porto, Nazaré and Aveiro.
  • Jungfrau region in winter

    I went on a three day skiing trip to Wengen and Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps and visited the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, with a special offer and almost no other tourists around.
  • 2020

  • From Calgary to Kelowna and back

    A mini road trip in the middle of the winter from Calgary to Kelowna
  • 2019

  • Holidays in Croatia 2019

    2 weeks vacation in croatia with a stopover in Radstadt Austria.
  • Göscheneralp Camping 2019

    Göscheneralp Camping week with my daughter
  • Camping Klöntal 2019

    Camping at the beautiful Vorauen camping ground located at the Kloental lake.
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