India 🔒

My journey started in crazy Mumbai. I then went to Goa where I met Chris and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. A visit to Dehli was mandatory because of the nearby Taj Mahal and the Holi festival. The trip ended in Varanasi - a truly Indian place. I then moved on to Nepal via Gorakhpur and Sunauli.
Departure from Geneva
Hotel in Mumbai
Let's start this easy with a take away
Mumbai Central Station
Morning rush hour in Mumbai
Street scene Mumbai
The Taj hotel Mumbai
Gate of India Mumbai
Mumbai University
Looks all very British if you ask me
Mumbai central station
No Enquiry!
Victoria Terminus
The 1.000.000 $ home (owned by the richest India)
Fenced off sunset
Mosque haji ali mumbai
Indian breakfast at the airport on the way to Goa
Arrival in Goa
Goa Anjuna beach
Goa sunset
Chris@Work - Shiva Valley Anjuna
Food stalls on the beach at night
Little Vagator beach
Anjuna flea market
Anjuna flea market
Anjuna flea market
My friend! Pineapple?
Anjuna flea market
Anjuna beach cafe
Goa roadside scene
Typical view in Goa
Portugese Fort Aguada in Goa
Anjuna beach
Sales ladies on the beach
Not an uncommon visitor in India
Arambol beach - northern Goa
Tree with flowers
buddha's footsteps
Flowers - a rare sight
Arambol beach
Old Goa - Portuguese churches
Old Goa church
Happy locals after finishing their beers
Film set for a music video
The main actor?
No its her :)
A lot of staff for a single woman
A visitor on my balcony
Marthas Breakfast Place Anjuna - My home
Martha's restaurant
Arrival in Dehli - Paharganj Hotel area
Connaught Place New Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi - a temple for ALL religions
Bahá'í House of Worship
Delhi - Red fort
Delhi - Red fort
Delhi - Red fort
Delhi - Red fort
Delhi - Red fort
Delhi - Red fort
Outside the Red fort
Police car?
They started first!
New Delhi Central Station
Amazing stair case in my hotel
Hotel roof top bar (outrageous beer prices!)
Train to Agra (Taj Mahal)
On the way to Agra
Breakfast :)
Entering the Taj trough the main gate
A first glimpse of the Taj
View back from the Taj
Taj entry
Inside the Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal mosque or masjid
Amazing details at the Taj
Wide angle fun
Taj Mahal mosque and minaret
Another view of the Taj
Parrot at the Taj - what a beautiful place to build a nest
Calligraphy on large pishtaq
The Great gate (Darwaza-i rauza)—gateway to the Taj Mahal
Agra town - this places doesn't deserve the Taj
Red fort Agra
Red fort Agra - I felt a bit sick and went back to Delhi instead
Happy Holy!
Holi festival - People have a lot of fun throwing paint at each other and having a big party (alcohol involved)
Holi festival
Varanasi market scene
Evening river ceremony in Varanasi
Temple in Varanasi
Evening river ceremony in Varanasi
A guru and his followers
Ganges boat men
Evening river ceremony in Varanasi
Visitors as night
View from the balcony in Varanasi
Varanasi at sunrise - View from the roof top terrace
My Hotel in Varanasi - Sita - good location but to little value for the money
Count the monkeys
Typical Varanasi - Ghats along the river
Wood used for cremations on the riverside - notice the nice betel nut teeth of the man
Ritual bathing in the ganges river
Varanasi train station
Only in India
The old town is free of cars - And a good place to get lost
Delicious lassi
Evening river ceremony in Varanasi
Train to the Indian/ Nepali border - left 4:30 am and there was no space to sit during the 6h journey
I can already see Nepal - Thank ____* *Buddha/God/Shiva