Bali 09 🔒

Travel route Bali: Kuta, Gili Islands, Sengigi, Lombok, Ubud, Lovina, Lembongan Islands, Kuta
hotel in kuta
honeymoon bungalow in kuta
the perama boat to the gili islands (Lombok)
sunset surfers at gili islands
we arrive at the gili islands
gili meno .. the least crowded island. we stayed there for a couple of nights
only form of transport on the island
our bungalow
welcome to the gilies ! the island in the back is lombok
gili air in the back
so bright!
chilling and reading on the beach at gili meno
nice view of gili meno and the reef
lets go snorkeling!
Anja is happy!
on the way back from snorkling .. a thunderstorm and strong wind makes it hard to get back to shore
local music (gamelan?)
arrivall on gilli travangan .. backpackers heaven
hunting for turtles
snorkeling with such waves is not much fun :)
view to gili menu and lombok
focus ?
the only way to cool down :)
sunset from travangan
guess what - its a fish curry!
nightlfe and posh restaurant on gili travangan
glass bottom boat
our boatman at another snorkling trip
mount rinjiani on lombok... a active volcano
rented motocycle
black lava beach on lombok
beach restaurants on lombok (sengigi)
mixed satay with rice
fishmans boat
view from lombok to bali - the volcano is gunung agung
another view of the bali volcano with returning fisherman
balinese food .. so yummy
a nice hotel in ubud
inside out first hotel in ubud
offerings to the gods
balinese stone carvings
trekking in ubud
rice fields in ubud
more rich fields in ubud - look at the bungalows - you will pay a fortune to stay there
more ubud trekking
nasi campur ubud style
loads of accomodation choice
rain at 2 pm every day in ubud.. you could set you watch
carved bycycles
visiting a temple
stone carvings for sale
offering to the gods
sunrise from mount batur in bali
more sunrise from mt batur
on the way down from batur
some people are bit late for the sunrise...
the big crater at mt batur is filled with clouds
volcano monkeys ... looking for breakfast leftovers
nice view of the volcano slopes
lava field and view of the big mt batur crater
trekking on mt batur on bali
view of the volcano .. its just 1700m high
village procession seen from the coach
lets have some salad!
our hotel in lovina .lovely!
pool detail
lovina .. town of the killer dolphins
nice carved entrance to the hotel
snorkeling in lovina (bali) .. fantastic clear water
me snorkeling
honeymoon fish:)
a avocado juice
we did a balinese cooking course in lovina!
the chef !
everyones is happy and looking forward to some fantastic balinese food
just a quick picture please!
sunrise in lovina
on the hunt for dolphins
more boats than dolphins!
there they are .. you can see them every morning
snorking in lovina (bali)
view of lovina beach
fantastic stone carvings in bali
sunset in lovina
on the way to lembongan island
our first place on lembongan island
posh bungalows at the very annd of the lovina beach
bungalow on lembongan
dried seaweed ... very smelly! .. it ends up in your yogurth!
strange looking but very tasty fruit (like strawberries .. really!)
going snorking on lembongan.. mangroves in the background
me too :)!
elephant cloud
preparing for the cock fight!
nice sky at night
a starfish seen at low tide
back in kuta !
walking on water
kuta beach is big!
the waves too !
nice fruit .. but i forgot the name
our last hotel in kuta (bali)
kuta nightlive
kuta cowboy
why is this picture online ?
buy some arrows and a bow? no thank you!
view over the luxury resort area on bali