Boom Festival 2012 / Peniche 🔒

Relaxing a week at the Boom Festival in Idanha-Nova, Portugal. This time it was especially hot with over 35 degrees in the shade. So we needed some refreshment in the Atlantic after the festival was over.

Entrance gate
Welcome to the car oven
view from monsanto over the lake
Boom location
Catching a ride to the camping area from the car park
Dust everywhere - no wonder the driver needed some refreshment
Small pond with three girls and a dragon
Big lake with thousands of happy people
Fun with a water sprinkler
Anja and Falk in the shade
The dance temple
Every bit of shade
Floating bar
Chillout area
Cueing up for the drink coupons
Also a way to stay cool
The dance temple
Dragons! And ace ventura rocking the floor
Water vapour keeping the people alive :)
Drinking water from the tab
Water is also on sale
Ambient floor
The second floor - alchemy circle
Compost toilets
Gardens at boom
The boom "university"
Central plaza
Full moon
Alchemy circle at night
Dance temple at night
Ajja at work
Uv dragons
Time for a dip into the sea
Beach near Peniche
My birthday cake
Lisbon tram