Hongkong and Taiwan 🔒

A short vist to Hong Kong and Taiwan to meet old friends and enjoy the local food. I flew to Taiwan where I met Dickson and took far too many pictures of the high rise buildings. From there I had a short flight to Taiwan / Kaohsiung where I met Joy and enjoy a lot of the famous food on their night markets and sea food restaurants.

Approaching Hong Kong Airport - Bridge to Macau
View from the hotel
Kong Kong Skyline
View over Koowlon park from my room
Orchid decoration in the luxury shopping stret
Star Ferry to HK island
Central Government Offices
Wan Chai
Bank of China Tower from Chater Garden
Star Ferry on Kong Kong island - Koowloon in the background
Ocean Terminal and ICC tower
Sunset of Hong Kong island
View from my hotel - Victoria Peak
Night time
Dim Sum with Dickson
A happy HK couple - Dickson and Rachel
Mong Kok
Mong Kok
Ngong Ping on Lantau Island
Tempel on Lantau
Tian Tan Buddha
Tempel Detail Lantau
Incense Sticks - Tian Tan
Be safe Dickson!
Going back to the MTR at Tung Chung Lantau
Tien Tan Buddha
Tung Chung
Apartments with a view
Bruce Lee - Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Podium Garden
Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Podium Garden
Skyline at night
Best skyline ever
View from the bar at The ONE building
Every day at 8pm - skyscrapers and lasers
Waiting for the peak tram
The peak tram
Peak tower public viewing terrace
Kowloon in the background
Viewing Tower
Peak tram mountain stop
Walking along Lugard road underneath Vicatoria Peak
Kong Kong Park
Hong Kong Park
Tallest palm tree in HK
Shiny Lippo Towers
Causeway Bay
Victoria habour
Temple Street Night Market
Sea food with ..
.. Rachel and Dickson
A happy tourist and his guide
Outside the restaurant
Fresh chicken
Sham Shui Po residential area
Chicken feet
Boarding the plane to Kaohsiung
A shame I dont like cake - its free at the hotel
Love rive Khaosiung - Now much cleaner than 15 years ago!
Love river
Joy-ful days!
The Pier-2 Art Center
Fully operational!
Harbour details
Harbour of Kaohsiung - Taiwan
More art at Pier 2
Nighttime at Kaohsiung - Taiwan
Happy Saving!
Typical - no idea what it says but it looks great
Its much needed if you deal with stinky tofu
Nightmarket impressions
Familiar food too ..
Everything on a stick
Joy - Kelly me and Jenny
Trekking rules - don't shoot the monkeys
Even if they attack you and want your food!
Choices - all uphill and exhausting - Gushan park
This time down
View over Kaohsiungs residentail areas
Trekking without shade
The monkeys take it easy
Do what they need to do
We reached the top of Gushan Park
Tea time - no idea whats inside
Did you bring any food?
Emogene and Joy have some energy left
Monkey blocking the path
Not so easy
Time for a hot pot
Downtown KHH
I dont understand.
The 85 sky tower - a landmark seen from everywere
Liuhe Tourist Night Market
Something to eat - no idea what ...
Ferry to Cijin Peninsula
85 sky tower
旗後天后宮 temple
Ghost money - you can burn it in the temple
Flowers in the temple
Minature shrines
Fresh sea food
Restaurants at Cijin Peninsula
Tea eggs
I can't resist
All things dried and shredded from the sea
I am not trying those this time
Also sea food
Sampling the local fish
Ferry back to the mainland
Breakfast at the Kindness Hotel in Kaohsiung - Nice!
Inside KHH airport - didn't have a gate number
Back at Hong Kong International Airport
Harbour of HK
Ramen at Mira Mall - nice
Wan Chai - on the HK island
Wan Chai Ferry Pier
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Waiting for the drinks at Knutsford Terrace
Alan? Rachel and Dickson
A lift with style
Relax - you will now receive your hotel bill ..
Just another fix of ramen soup for me please ...
Bari Uma Ramen - highly recommended
Double decker buses just like in the UK
Mong Kok on a Sunday - crazy!
Star wart set - lele must be the chinese lego clone
Disney land
No worries - I am on a bus :)
Highway to Lantau
A week is over - time to fly home to my girls