Japan Hokkaido Skiing 🔒

Visiting Tokyo and skiing in Hokkaido

Welcome to Tokio - Airbnb accomodation in Roppongi
Tokio Tower -a short walk from my place
View from Tokio Skytree - 450m above the ground
Choose your meal
Akihabara electric town - The gadget and manga district of Tokyo
Sakura (Cherry Blossom) coming closer
Temple in Yoyogi park
Yoyogi park tokio
View from my Airbnb Appartment in Tokio
Don't be a cow
Life in Sapporo mostly happens underground
Breakfast - delicious!
View from my hotel in Sapporo
Worth the money!
Dinner for one
Snow and King crab sashimi
King crab tempura
Crab restaurant
View from my hotel in Sapporo
Lunch box for the train journey.
Annupuri village
The lodge where i stayed on Hokkaido
The Hilton has its own cablecar
The way we like it
Typical Japanese - quite different from the winter over here
View towards mount Yotei
Supermarket sushi - still better what you get over here and really cheap too!