Japan 2010 🔒

2 weeks travel in Japan.We went from Osaka to Kyoto, Nara and Mishima were we met old friends of Anja. A couple days spent in Tokyo made us wish to be back in quiet Switzerland.
Osaka airport express - welcome to crazy Japan and the country of a million uniforms
katsu time (breaded pork)
Osaka at night
Osaka night scene
guess what they sell
osaka castle
osaka castle
get your souvenir stamp!
me with a cannon coming out of my head
dont drive angry!
so clean! i could eat my sushy from the subway floor :)
giant ferris wheel in a osaka depatment store
right - a whale in a shopping center
pure electronic shopping madness - welcome to yodobashi
osaka aquarium
what ist this forest thing exactly ? - too sad to see this in Osaka concrete dessert
japanese gran enjoying the shark
where are the sharks?
whale shark - sooo big
i remember those from snorkling in malaysia - huge blue fellow (ca 1.5m)
spider crabs in osaka aquarium
whale shark - must be at least 10 m long
colorful jelly fish
anjas new pet
petting a stingray
oh no! :)
in font of osaka aquarium
some big stadium in osaka .. or is it a UFO ?
all clear for departure!
three dimensional puzzle called subway station
some weird skyscaper in Osaka
its got a whole in it ! :) - we didnt try the escalators tho ...
osaka downtown.. and a ferris wheel on a building!
saving money with a take away ... delicious!
kyoto temple
geisha or maika ?
i need a strong coffee against my jetlag
our guest house in kyoto
old part of kyoto at night
old part of kyoto
travelling japanese style
i wish they would have some here in switzerland :) - beer vending machine in the streets
kyoto temple
good whishes in a kyoto temple
kyoto temple
young girls dressed traditional
me in kyoto
desserts? icecream? hmmm...
tranquil old town kyto - check the next picture
upps :) - where did they come from?
temple garden in kyoto
nice garden in kyoto
bamboo forrest - incredible!
old men trying to get the perfect shot of the bird fishing
river in kyoto
typical guestroom in a ryokan japanese guesthouse
pickled gherkin on a stick
yes its a pickeled gherkin
roadside restaurants kyoto
the river outside kyoto
river outside kyoto
monk with SLR
temple garden
more bamboo forests
temple sightseeing in kyoto
lunch time
green tea soba noodles - yummy!
temple garden covered in moss
more moss
different types of moss
a super market dinner in our guest house
nara park
getting ready for the futon
breakfast japanese style - we loved this one!
nara park
japanese wedding in a temple in Nara
1000 year old tree in a temple
whats inside?
nice laterns
laterns in a Nara temple
nara temple
nara temple
got any deer bisquits ? PLEASE!
on the hill overlooking nara park
phew - this was a hard way up
nara and the largest wooden building in the world
massive wooden temple in nara
view over the garden from our ryokan room
wooden pagoda in nara
ready for a shinkansen ride to mishima
lets go north
the sushi master - he knows what he is doing
daytrip to hakone
lake asahi in hakone
looks like in switzerland
well - that would never be allowed on lake geneva
cooking eggs in the volcano
6 eggs for 500 yen - smell of sulfur in the air - free
sampling a fresh cooked egg
ordung muss sein :) - cleaning up the egg shells
shy cat keen on some cup noodles in the park
why do i travel so far ???
hakone yumoto
crazy architecture in tokyo
audio building tokyo
manga / internet cafe in tokyo
bar with a view - lost in translation?
we could only afford a beer at the bar
getting up early for the famous fish market ... is that a whale ????
outside the fish market
anja enoying some art in tokyo
namvo icecream land - a icream themed fun park ... how cruel is this with a lactose allergy ?!
choose a taste
much better gyoza land (fried pork dumplings)
crazy architecture in tokyo / ginzi
ginza on a sunday morning
nice architecture
japanese idols
what a great idea to ban cars for the Sunday
shopping madness shibuya
shibuya crossing
tokyo girls
back to osaka .. this time with the mean Nozomi Shinkansen
airport express oska