Malaysia & Borneo 07 🔒

Some images from our Malaysia holiday in 2007. We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo were we climbed Mount Kinabalu - the highest mountain in south east asia with 4095 meters. From there we took the bus to Sandakan and then the boat to the turtle islands. Another tour was made to the Sepilok Urang Utan centre and to the jungle were have seen loads of wildlife from the boat. The second part of the holiday lead us to the Perenthian islands were we stayed another time at Mama's chalet. This island is superb for snorkeling and you can see sharks and turtles.
the view from our hotel in kuala lumpur at the first day of our holiday
the same view at night
Air Asia - the cheapest way to fly in asia
mount kinabalu from the airplane - do we really want to climb this mountain on the next day?
kota kinabalu - the biggest city in sabah (borneo) and starting point of our tour
sunset in kota kinabalu
more tourists on the way :)
two happy travellers - still able to walk like a normal person
orchid and mount kinabalu in the background
some flowers seen next to the path up the mountain
a smelly but interesting looking fruit - you are not allowed to have it in your hotel room
'teksi' to the summit - you wish - they drive you to the park entry (1200m above sea level) and the rest is hard work
over 3000 'steps' to the resthouse - they way up was actually the easier part ...
tour guides
anja at the resthouse - the people in the background only stay one night like us
laban rata - located at 3300m and the overnight stop on the way to the summit
sunset at 3300m - the evening before the climb at 3am in the morning
8s long exposure night shot of the so called 'donkey ears' at mount kinabalu
i made it !- 5:30am in the morning - two dutch girls arrived a bit later and took this picture - i decided not to wait for the complete sunrise and made my back after more than 20 people around me were screaming in exitement ....
kota kinabalu seen from the summit
there were too much clouds for a perfect sunrise but it was impressive too
the begining of a new day - and a short night for me
view over sabah - borneo
view over sabah - it must have been around 6.30am and the mountain itself is not yet covered in clouds
soooo easy to walk back down ....
the rope leading the path to the summit
billy - my mountain guide
abseiling - this part was real fun on the way up surounded by complete darkness and with just a headlight
moss in the trees - natives brew a tea from it
nice view at mount kinabalu
us on the next morning at laban rata
the path down the mountain
a tiny wild orchid
pitcher plants
a closeup of a pitcher plant
the express-bus from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan
Hotel Sandakan
Turtle Islands? Ok - its a speed boat and the sea must be somewere. Lets see what happens.
The pier again. Only 50 People are allowed on the turtle islands at the same time.
on the way to the turtle islands - the small river flows into the sea and has some nice mangroves
yeah -
libaran island fisherman village
turtle tracks on the beach ...
finally after 3hours of waiting - the first turtle came ashore to lay their eggs ...
turtle mama - exhausted after laying 77 eggs
the eggs were removed from the nest and taken to special place on the island which gives them a better chance of survival
hatchlings of the same day from different nests - waiting to be released into the sea and to be eaten by sharks :)
hurray- feeding time at sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre in sepilok- i wonder if the will still have a chance in the real jungle - but its fun to watch them
a orang utan
not much difference between Anja's hand and the Orang-Utan's
the jungle-loo
anja waiting for the boat ...
on the way to our jungle lodge- after hours off road driving finally a trip down the river
view from the jungle lodge down the river
we spotted a whole group of Proboscis monkeys in the trees- they are famous for their big nose and belly
another Proboscis monkey
another group of Proboscis monkeys in the trees
a eagle spotted from the boat (digital zoomed and cropped)
hmm ... tourists for breakfast
this is actually a beetle able to circularize when feeling threatened
on a jungle tour resting at the Oxbow lake - happily smiling as the leech-check was negative
Eric and his boat on Oxbow lake
jungle tour with our friendly guide
Anja in front of our Bungalow at Mama's Chalet on Perhenthian Island
a massive coral far away from the beach - its at least 3m wide
have you ever seen a lizard climbing a tree? it looks like he is not really enjoying it
monitor lizard in a relaxing position ... the warm sand must feel really good to him
this guy decided to dissapear in the jungle
fisherman at sunset - unaware of the fact some tourist is pointing his zoom lens into his direction :)
another bloodsucker killed
finally the beach after half and hour of sweating in the sun
our cannoe on our 'private' beach
small beach on pulau perhentian besar
the water quality is absolutly amazing - those corals are maybe 1-2 meters below the surface
i hope my camera doesnt get wet ...
this power generator cannot run away!
we saw a few groups of these- they are called spectacled langur and like to stare at you just like we do at them
checkout the reflection in the sunglasss in the full image version ! (click on the big picture)
nice corals on the beach
our bungalow from inside
dinner and a very expensive Carlsberg (Malaysia is a muslim country)
view at mamas chalet from the sea - good bye paradise :(
the boat from the Perhenthian Islands was a real speedboat
the port of Kota Besud where all the ships to Perhentian Islands leave