Nepal Khopra Danda trek 2018 🔒

The third trip with Buddhi. This time we did the Khopra Danda trek (also known as the Khopra Ridge trek) which took us 7 days via Poon Hill and Muldai peak on the way back.

stopover in Muscat - Boing 787 engine
Thamel tourist district in Kathmandu
If you can't climb Everest
Thamel at night
KTM airport security check
Yummy Indian food
Domestic flight to Pokhara
Giants take care
Domestic terminal Kathmandu
Simple but effective - Excel departure information
Naya pul - start point of our trek
Roads everywhere those days ...
Main trek to poon hill - Ulleri
A rare sight these days
Rhododendron in bloom
Tourist milestone unlocked - Ghorepani/Poon hill
Dhal bhat for champions
Almost like back at home
Sunrise from Poon hill
Unforgettable moments
Posing with the Chinese
Dhaulagiri - 7th highest mountain of the world
Annapurna south
Super view from the hotel breakfast room
Searching for motives
Trekking with a view
On the way to the Khopra ridge
at 3660m - Khopra Danda lodge
At nearly 4000m - awesome view of Dhaulagiri
Annapurna One at sunset
A happy guide
Catching the bus back to Pokhara
Not for sale
Celebrating good times
Pokhara lake
Too many to count - looks very dangerous from the distance
Back in KTM
Heli pilot?