Sri Lanka 🔒

Two weeks holidays in Sri Lanka. We did the classic roundtrip without the north of island visiting Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Elija, Argugam Bay as well as Tangalle and Galle.

Hightlight was certainly the visit of the Yala East national park with it diverse wildlife.

Strange seagulls!
Temple in Colombo
Colombo sky line
Colombo beach in the evening
Boarding the train to colombo - Tourist class
Simple but effective - analogue still rules
Buddhist temple in Kandy
Temple in Kandy
Locals worshipping one of Buddha's teeth
Sri Dalada Maligawa
Temple of the Tooth
Curry time!
Inside a historical tea factory
Of course!
Sampling the local brew
Tea flavours of the estate
Golden temple roof!
Temple of the Tooth at night
Good breakfast
Bad place for breakfast
Local train
Tourist train
Waiting for the oncoming train
Second class to Nanu Oya
Entering the tea country
Hopefully a long time ago
Getting closer to Nuwara Eliya
Build by the English - still working today
Theoretic depature times
Hotel in Nuwara Eliya
Very English
Rare to find
Snack Sri Lanka style - very tasty and very spicy
Local bus in Nuwara Eliya
Our hotel in Nuwara Eliya -Where is restaurant one?
Good to know
Ready fo a visit in the tea factory in Nuwara Eliya
Pedro estate in Nuwara Eliya
Realaxing in the the hills
Proper in English garden ( and English rooms with authentic mould!
Travel luxury style - our own van with driver
Welcome to Arugam bay!
Samanthas folly - a place to spend some weeks
Arugam bay - hard to reach but worth it if you like to surf and relax
The "restaurant" at Samantas folly - a place to make new friends
Shade (or swimming)
Our daily wakup call
Surfing time
Arugam bay surfers
Catch of the day
Seer fish
Me in holiday mode
Typical Arugam
Three wheeler - a cheap option to discover the nearby places
Arugam bay village
Inside our cabana at Samantha's
Safari tour with Chris and Daphne from UAE
Our rented Jeep
Chilli - looks a bit dangerous but it was safe to eat
Temple in Panama - Close to Yala East National Park
Nature as far as you can see - luckly this place is so remote there is no touristic development yet
Hindu Temple
Local fisherman hut
See birds Yala East National Park
Our very own beach
Yala East National Park bird nests
Who you looking at?
Yala East National Park
Jeep Safari - trying to find Elephants
Yala East National Park
No place to sim
Yala bird
Bird sanctuary Yala
Elephant at Yala East National Park
Yala East National Park
I just can get enough of this banana
Elephant at Yala East National Park
Elephant at Yala East National Park
Elephant family about to cross the road
Back at Samantha's
The luxury tent at Samantha's
A daily visitor
Arugam bay
Typical Tangalle
After the big rain - not a bad place to stay !
On the way to Unawatuna- just add 120db loud Tamil pop songs from the massive soundsystem and a local in every seat
Cheap travel
Who is it ?
Temple Unawatuna
A happy holiday maker
Some other happy holiday maker
Looks like thunderstorm
Unawatuna Buddist temple
Breakfast in style - at our beach hotel
Unawatuna beach
Buddist temple
View towards Galle
The daily curry
Unawatuna beach - topical pleasures
Unawatuna in Tangalle
Unawatuna beach at night
Unawatuna village at night - very tourist like and a lot of gem sellers
Twenty20 Cricket world cup in Galle
Only for the Twent20 world cup? - policeman allowing the safe crossing of the road
Gally central bus station
Pakistan vs Englang game in Galle
Physically Checked!
Very british indeed
Galle fort wall - build by the Dutch in 17th century
Refreshment - haggling for a local price
Keep calm and curry on
Singales - English and Tamil - the three official languages of Sri Lanka
Galle lighthouse
The walls are build of dead corals!
Galle old town
Fantastic old trees in Galle spending shade thoughout the hot day
I bet we did more steps in the end!
Only a dog can look like this if he's begging for food
Fisherman in Negombo - close to the airport on the way back home
Our last evening in Sri Lanka
Curry not Coca!
Romantic dogs
The last sunset
Negombo beach
Impossible in Europe
Christian church in Negombo
On the way back home