Tokyo 🔒

A week in Tokio in spring 2007. I did a day trip to mount Fuji and the Hakone area and to the Kamakura area south of Tokyo. A excellent city to visit.
Shinkansen Zug in Ginza - Central Tokyo
Waiting Taxis in Ginza
Ginza Crossing
Capsule Hotel
Skyscraper in Shimbasi
Another bullet train in front of a JR ( japan rail) building
Tokyo Metro
Blick vom TV Tower richtung Hafen
Beton bis zum Horizont
Platzsparender Highway in der Mitte Tokyos
Shimbashi District Skyscrapers
This building belongs to some kind of church - I guess its a UFO
Giant spider sculpture Roppongi Hills
Bitte nicht den Hut selber von den Gleisen holen :)
Shibuya Kreuzung bei Nacht
Speisekarte in Tokyo :)
Sushi und Sake mit Jim
Nice Outfit
Mega Mac - alles ist eine Dimension groesser in Tokyo :)
Imperial Palace Tokyo
Nice contrast!
Imperial Palace
Imperial Garden
Fruehling im Imperial Garden
Akihabara - Comic und Elektronik Shops
Akihabara Street Scene
Tokyo Metropolitian Goverment Office - Shinjuku
Traffic control
Shinjuku at night
Shinjuku night shot
Mount Fuji seen from Vistor Centre
My coach at the Daytrip to mount Fuji and Hakone
Mount Fuji nachdem sich die anfaenglichen Wolken verzogen haben
Laka Ashi - if you look careful you can see mount Fuji in the distance
Cable car in Hakone
Heisse Schwefelquellen - Die Spezialitaet waren frish gekochte Eier :)
One day have have to climb this mountain!
I took the train back to Tokyo. It was a quick journey :)
Arrival in Tokyo
Street artist in Ueno park
Yoyogi park next to Harajuku
Japanese school girls
Tsukiji Fishmarkt - Thunfisch Verarbeitung - (Oeffungszeit 3Uhr bis 7:30 morgens)
Tuna belly parts - the best of a tuna
Ready for sushi :)
Outside of the fish market
Tintenfisch - Lecker ! :)
Deep Sea fish ? There is nothing you cant buy at this fish market ...
Shimbashi sky scrapers seen from the back of a train
Asakusa Tempel - in historischen Teil von Tokyo
High Five for Asakusa !
Kamakura train station - Kamakura is town with many old Temples and Shrines
Kenchoij Tempel in Kamakura
Japanese Garden
Moench vor einer sehr alten Glocke
Inside a temple - I love the simple interiour and the tatami mats on the floor
A path that lead to the top of a nearby hill
Dragon detail
Mittagessen in einem typischen Japanischen Restaurant in einen kleinen Dorf bei Kamakura
Cute :)
Tierfreunde bei der Rast in einem Schrein
Seen in a temple - who knows the meaning ? (press a on your keyboard :)
Wunschzettel in einem Schrein bei Kamakura
Big Buddha in Kamakura
The ocean on kamakura beach
Kamakura Enoden train line
Inside a local train
Tokyo airport leaving meal - Goyza (fried stuff on the plate) + Ramen soup