Dents du midi 🔒

Trekking from Champery to Van Haut (Martigny) via Susanfe and Salanfe. I tried to climb the Haut Cine peak of the Dents du Midi but I didn't succeed due to too much ice on the way up.
Leaving Champery
Walking over the rainbow
Pas d'Encel
Heading towards the Susanfe hut
The rain is gone
Arrival at Susanfe
Is it comfortable?
Glaciers around us
Will we make it tomorrow to the top?
He was enjoying it too
Inside Susanfe - waiting for Dinner
Yeah - this looks much better today!
Sunrise over col de susanfe
Viewing back to the hut
Nice weather today
Salanfe water reservoir
Hiking up to Haut Cime - Dent du Midi
Stunning! View back to col de Susanfe
Mont Blanc hiding
Umarked hiking route up to the top
On the way back - I didn't make it to the top 3200- it was too dangerous
Catching up with Anja
Cows took over the place were I was supposed to meet Anja
Albert turned up unexpected - He couldn't join us the day before
Alpine landscape
Arrival at the lake
Maybe next time :(
Down the road to catch the bus
Back into the Valais valley
Mt Blanc express
Leysin - we already climbed those two peaks