Peru 🔒

Three weeks backpacking in in Peru. Our route started at Lima and we went to Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Arequipa ending the trip with the Santa Cruz treck in Huaraz
Boarding the plane to Lima in Madrid
Miraflores Lima
Posh Lima
On the way to Cuzco
Cuzco - 3400m above sea level!
Yeah - we got tickets!
Cuzco at night
Plaza de armas Cuzco
Cuzco Plaza de armas
Posing local beauty
Inka walls
Peruan fence
Souvenirs everywere
Upps - so this is the reason for the short breath
Inka ruins and Lamas high above town
Only the walls left
View over Cuzco
The Peruvian ancestors must have been much taller than current people
Excellent stonework
Viva el peru!
Cuzco terminal terrestre
Which one should we choose to Puno?
School kids
The tourist route
On the way yo Maccu Pichu
Feels like back home
Very expensive train but the only options to the site
Every morning the same .. visitors arrive in Aquas calliente
We made it :)
Postcard shot
Inka drawbridge
Anja & Lama
Maccu Pichu ruins
The three windows
View into the valley
Where is the roof?
Somehow familiar
Relaxing in the hot springs
Back to Cuzco
Flower sellers
Much better weather in Cuzco now!
Trip to Puno - Tourist class
Inka ruins on the way
On the way to Lake titicaca
Buy something!
Our bus
Model train?
Phew - thin air!
1 sol for the picture - shouldn't they be better at school?!!
Too high for trees
Easy to reach by bus
And another sol paid
Alpaca Beauty Queen (or King)
Puno at the shores of lake titicaca
Tourist boats
Visit my floating island!
Or maybe this one?
Tourist show
How to build a floating island
Good skills
On the lake - local transport :)
Sunset over lake titicaca
Waiting for more tourists
Lake Titicaca
Getting dressed for the night
Party time!
Dancing with the villagers
Our host family
Local Amantaní People
Titicaca tour people
Time to say goodby and go back to Puno
Lake titicaca- 3900m above sea level
Misti volcano - spot the dust twister!
Sleeping in style in Arequipa
Looks spanish!
Areqiupa Place de Armas
Arequipa Plaza de armas
Arequipa Plaza de armas
Arequipa Plaza de armas
Arequipa Plaza de armas
Guess what :)
Arequipa at night
Condors waiting for tourists
Colca canyon
Searching for dead tourists at the bottom of the canyon
The Oasis - just a steep walk 1200m down
Colca is very dry
Second deepest canyon of the world - The deepest is just a valley away
Lodgin colca style
A much better way to get around compared to trekking
Dont get lost on the way to the next village - It will hurt
Another colca canyon picture
The Oasis and the path back up to the village - 1200m and 3h pure of fun!
On the way to the oasis
The oasis - it has a pool - how nice is that?!
The defender of the oasis
We made it back out of the canyon - Markus our guide and execellent cook with Anja
We deserved a breakfast after this early morning hike
Just another option to stock up with souvenirs
Colca further upriver - Nice terraced fields
Tunnel in Peru
Small village with a old spanish church
at 4800 above the sea level - not much vegetation left
The highest point of the road between Chivay and Arequipa - 4910m!
The driver
Just another road through the pampa
Wildlife crossing
Alpaca - one of the cutests animals on earth - and they taste great :)
Could be also in Spain - back in Arequipa
Another small square in Arequipa
On the way to huaraz - Volcano Misti and the Arequipa airport
Taca - and you will never fly Iberia again
Outskirts of Arequipa
Looks like Peru is mostly desert east of the Andes
Inka cola - It tastes like it looks like
Lomo saltado - What else :)?
View from the hotel in Huaraz
Huaraz roof top terrace
Plaza de armas - this time in Huaraz
Traditional dresses of the reqion - there seems to be a fiesta almost every day
Starting the Santa Cruz Trek
Mules have always the right of way!
reaching the first campsite
The spanisch - desculpe Bask - guys are not happy with their tent - It didnt close properly
Black and white
Resting too
A little treat for carrying my backpack!
The view up the valley - in two days we need to get over the pass to the next one
A lake in the cordilliera blanca
Wild goose?
Get a away or I will attack you!
Not a tourist - but life can be hard up here
Our santa cruz treck group : Julie (FR)\
Finally some cordilliera BLANCA
Side trip to a glacier lake - definitly worth the extra 3 hours
Still with rainclothes - but the sun is finally there!
Alpamayo - the most beautiful mountain of the world - from the back!
What on the menu tonight? I guess its Lomo saltado?!
Camping at 4300m - tomorrow is the big day - you can see the pass in the background
Tea time
Dinner time
breakfast time - the COLDEST EVER - why did the take the tent already down ?!
Good weather this morning
Looks easy - but it wasnt ...
So high ...
Almost done
Relaxing on the way down
Spooky forest
Where is the campsite?
3rd camp site
Breakfast day four
A whale?
Cuy = Food :)
Waiting for the bus after the trek
Safety first!
No space on the local transport
Road pass - over 4800m again
The Andes - An a crazy road down the pass
Not only for tourists!
Thats what I call a view!
I was there :)
Lets go - I hope the breaks are working
Cruz del sur again - Back to lima the front seat
Just another pampa
Cordillera Huayhuas - Another great trekking destination - but not this time
Typical roadside stop
Pan American highway to Lima
Desert in bloom!
Sand formations - I wonder how often they must clear the highway
Sand dunes
Back in Lima - Plaza de armas
Got any food?
The spaniards only shipped the gold back home ..
Recommended for its sandwiches
Catholic procession - At least a ton of silver carried by some strong believers
They love their cakes in Peru!
Plaza San Martin Lima