Japan 🔒

My second visit to japan and a even more intense expierence. I went to Kyoto and Nara and climbed Mount Fuji. I met very friendly people, ate great food, took very fast trains und stayed in traditional Japanese hotels. Fantastic!
art sculpture in roppongi hills - tokyo
imperial palace in tokyo
girls distributing advertising for computer parts in akihabara tokyo
audi building in tokyo
shibuya crossing in tyoko - obviously it was raining ;)
prada store omote sando at night - tokyo
nozomi 21 to kyoto - let have a ride in the bullet train
the latest generation of bullet trains - tokyo station
more fast trains on the other platforms
lets travel in style - i bought this on the platform before boarding the train
a typical road side restaurant in the older part of kyoto
another nice looking restaurant in the temple district of kyoto
tempel in kyoto
zen tempel in kyoto- have a look at the great contrast between plants and plain areas
in kyoto
kyoto tv tower
tempel sightseeing - and there are LOADS! to visit
old street in kyoto
bamboo forest
geisha in kyoto
kyoto main train station
my room in nara - traditional japanese
the largest wooden building in the world
the 5th station at mount fuji - this is the last station served by the bus (2300 m)
temple at the 5th station - mount fuji
this gate marks the summit of mount fuji - i was really happy this point :)
on the top of mount fuji - it gets really crowded in the summer and there is even a postoffice at 3776m!
view toward the crater - unfortunatly covered in clouds
there was a bit of snow on last meters to the top of mount fuji but those japanese mountain guides were really helpfull - one even gave me his trekking pole
the clouds dissapear!
climbing path to the top of mount fuji
hinodekan mountain hut at mount fuji - i stayed there overnight and met very friendly people who run it during the summer climbing period
bunk beds in the hut - they get very crowed in the main climbing season
sunrise at mount fuji (4:30 in the morning)
mount fuji seen from the road
this tree is over 1000 years old and the temple is the starting point of the original path to the top of mount fuji
my room in kawagutchi ko - this ryokan had a hot pool - perfect to relax after the hike!
spot the volcano ...
dinner served in my hotel room
neon adverts
view from the government tower
shinjuku (tokyo) at night