Boom Festival & Lisbon 08 🔒

Boom Festival 2008 in Idanah-a-nova (Portugal). 4 days of great weather and good sound. I also visited Monsanto and Lisbon on my trip.
chris and jo in our basecamp - a 25 minutes walk to the dancefloor - well - at least we had our own beach :)
the endless walk to the dancefloor
weird festival visitors
the boom soundsystem - it boom'ed really good :)
loads of people :)
the best beach was behind the ambient forrest - it even had a floating bar
bombeiros dust fighting
sexy boom
View from the ambient forest
loads of water sprinklers on the main dancefloor!
be happy if you find some shade !
entry to the backstage area at the main floor
view from inside my tent
i went to monsanto with bob
the sacred fire - another part of the large festival area
food in lisbon :) hmmm
castle in lisbon