Thailand 2008 🔒

A short trip with Falk to  Bangkok, Koh Tao and Samui. There was a lot of rain at the beginning of our 10 day round trip and we couldnt do much snorcheling but it got better and better and we had a great time driving around the island with our rented scooters enjoying the tropical scenery and the great food!
our hotel in bangkok - it had a nice pool on the 12th floor
worshippers in Bangkok
giant incense sticks
atemple - convenient located in a central location between shopping centres and the skytrain
view from the hotel in bkk
view from the hotel
those rivers (khlongs) still play a big role when it come to transportation in bkk
golden mountain temple in bangkok
opfergeld im tempel
a typical street scene in a quite part of bangkok
detail grand palace Bangkok
view from the bayoke sky hotel - the tallest building in Bangkok
roof terrace bayoke skytowerl
on our way to the south with the VIP-bus
ferry to koh tao - the weather got even worse and everyone became sea sick on the 64 km to the island
loads of rain ...
more rain ...
after the rain comes the flood
our bungalow on saree beach
beach - the first time seen in the sun
mae head main road in koh tao
cheap backpacker food :)
lets rent some scooters!
this is fun :)
there a few concrete roads on koh tao - this one goes to saree beach
rain in paradise ...
looking for the perfect beach shot
some of the roads are a bit steep ... we didnt drive down
largest gecko i have ever seen - this fellow must have been at least 30cm long
falk had a flat tire ..
the one and only sunset ... beautiful!
pier at koh tao
happy hour! - you can buy anything on the beach - execpt some peace and silence ...
our bungalow at chaweng beach - koh samui
main road at chaweng - koh samui
the water was very dirty this time - too much rain - its normally crystal clear
koh samui
back in bangkok - dim sum time!
river side restaurants
boat madness on the river
pier at bangkok river
they build this temple queens sister uneral - on a football pitch in the center of bangkok!
a classic - khaosan road in bangkok
young backpacker people at kao san raod - reminds me of the time when i was there the first time with anja - 8 years ago
street food
the new airport in bangkok