Paris 08/09 🔒

A short trip to Paris at the end of the year. We took the night train to Paris and went back to the UK by Eurostar. The cultural program included a visits to to Orsay museum and the Louvre, new year at Champs Elysée.
detail schlafwagen - es war eng aber immerhin gab es eine waschmoeglichkeit und wir hatten das abteil fuer uns
im schlafwagen
fruehstuck gabs auch serviert ... nett!
wir sind in paris! und das ohne airport stress und super ausgeschlafen
typische pariser stadthaeuser
notre dame - da waren wir das letzte mal schon drin
seine ufer
inside gallerie lafayette
is it a shopping center or a palace :) ?
louvre on a tuesday morning - CLOSED!
well - we where not the only people in the louvre - this was 10 in the morning at the way to the mona lisa ... it got REALLY crowded later in the day...
there she is - mona lisa - i think most of the tourist just come to visit here and cue up for hours... stupid if you ask me
mona lisa
the fight for the best picture
last day of the year madness - we got there half an hour before they openend the doors and and even we had to wait
not our hotel - this how kings live